February 9, 2012

Our Triple Play....

As Charlotte turned 9 months old earlier this week, it made for an interesting milestone in her life, as her family was not exactly in the middle of a 'normal' routine when God brought her along.

Charlotte was born last year on May 7th in Prince George, Canada. In the 3rd week of July Charlotte moved to Southern Idaho. She stayed there approximately 3 months and then came back up to Canada for about 3 more weeks. She then made the big move to Indonesia and now have been here around 3 months.

That makes roughly 3 months in 3 different countries! Considering I (Dad) had never spent more than 3 months outside of Canada (at one time) until now, we're really proud of each one of our kids, including our multi-cultured baby girl!

A little cryin' during Charlotte's first bath in the Prince George Hospital.

A little droolin' outside our home at MAF Headquarters in Nampa, Idaho.

Thinking about walking...but thankfully just thinking about it so far.

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  1. Charlotte is so cute. I smile every time I see pictures of her :) I also keep thinking about how different my kids' childhood is different than mine. Crazy!