February 12, 2014

Visiting Canada

Yes, back in Canada!

After 2 years and almost 3 months in Indonesia, Amy, myself, and our 4 brave kiddos have made the trip back to cold, cold, Canada. The reason is for a short mid-term break to touch base with family. (by "mid-term" I mean that we are over 1/2 way through our first 3.5 year  term with MAF).

My first week home involved a lot of whining, as both Amy and I were coooold! It truly is amazing how the body can adapt to new temperature norm's, maybe not so different from those cold lake experiences any good Canadian lad has had a few of..."Come on, jump in! It's not so bad once you get used to it..." By week two I was already feeling a little better being a little colder, but my fear is that as soon as I adapt to this icebox living environment we're going to be climbing back on the airplane & flying back to Borneo. Sweating lots is supposed to be good for you, which is good because that is what I'll be doing.

I want to thank those of you who prayed for our 3 days of travel, as we felt it. Below Helena is totally knocked out as it was around midnight when we loaded on to our flight from Jakarta to Seoul, Korea.
 Sorry for the bad photos! My little Samsung phone is all I've had access to for the most of the last few weeks. Below Helena, Si, & Luke watch big planes land in Seoul!
 Cheeeeese! As Charlotte was 6 months old when we left Canada, this is her first "winter" experience. Although, the real snow is yet to come when we head up to Revelstoke next week.
 Ah yes, the bonus of good coffee on every street corner...Yum!

Right now, I am once again in Nampa, Idaho (Mission Aviation Fellowship's headquarters for overseas support is located here). I am taking a few courses that will most definitely prove useful once we return to Kalimantan. We are discussing exciting phrases & terms like "Aviation Operations Manual Maintenance Requirements", "Approved Data vs. Acceptable Data", and "Non-destructive Testing Procedures & Techniques". Don't you wish you could be here too?