August 31, 2014

Around the Home

Meet Guster, he's a pug, he comes from Surabaya on the Island of Java, and his favourite colour is unknown. The types of dogs you can procure locally don't always work out well as pets (as we found out first hand)...hence we are happy have Gus!
Gus meet the Eadies, Eadies meet Gus.
Simon and Gus, love at first sight! All of our kids are really good with Gus, and he adds a little extra barking security to our yard (which is one of the main reasons we got another dog, as having even a little one in the yard means folks will think twice before jumping the fence uninvited).
Charlotte's 3rd birthday happened in May, what a big girl! It is weird to remember how she was about 6 months old when we moved to Indonesia. Below, she is sporting a princess dress she got for her birthday.

An all girl party and pink princess cake rounded out her day...
For Luke's birthday in June, one of the events was they had to build a specific type of lego contraption (that I thought up, but I now cannot remember what it is I requested) in a short amount of time. Here are the two teams with their creations...
Notice Luke sporting his new Canucks hat and T-shirt. Oh the faith of little children, my heart is still recovering from the final game 7 in 2011.

Here the kids are standing right outside the front gate of our home.  I cannot remember who they were waiting for at the time, probably the ice cream man...So they can scream and jump in an uncontrollable ice cream frenzy and then turn to me and plead for me to buck up and pay. Yes, we actually have an ice cream man here, who'd of thunk! He uses a scooter with an insulated icebox contraption on the back and plays a catchy electronic ice-cream tune. He certainly markets himself well to those of us that originate from ice cream eating cultures who are lured ever closer by the comparatively low prices and hot Borneo heat. 

July 15, 2014

Visiting a Friend

A friend of ours recently moved from Tarakan "city" to a community further up the island. Although not out in the jungle, this area is definitely a little more country-esk. We went out as a family to visit Orpa and her son Sem once they were moved in.

Luke checking out the kitchen!
The reason for our friend Orpa's move was because her husband's family had a home they could live in rent free, so they could save to one day buy their own home. Charlotte thinks any home with tricycles in it is Aye-Okay!
Below, Orpa and her sister visit with Amy. It was a sunny day, and as the tin roofing heats up to molten lava temperatures, it creates a convection style oven in the house. I took this picture sitting in front of a fan. Orpa's husband works off island, so it nice for us to see their family with a home to live in, even though it is a bit of a drive from town.
A view of the "street" outside the house. When it is raining hard (as it often does) I'm sure there would be a small river or two to cross. It certainly is less noisy out here though!
One bonus of a Torajanese style house built on stilts is that it is noticeably cooler underneath the house, and also makes a great sandbox! Our kids spent most of their time here playing with some local kids - dirt is universally fun. I always love how kids here know how to strike a picture perfect pose in a matter of seconds. If I ever try and get our kids to line up like this it usually ends in tears :)

May 31, 2014

Attending a Funeral

Recently, I attended a funeral with a few others from the hangar. The daughter of a long time friend of MAF, Pak Coa, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident the day before. We left the hangar mid-morning and met at the family's home.
Dealing with death here is certainly different than back home. The body is usually kept in the home before the ceremony and burial.

Below, the procession to the grave side starts as they cary the body from the home to a waiting vehicle. According to their beliefs & customs, the body is only wrapped; no box or coffin is used. The body also has to buried within 24 hours of the time of death.
Below, the family helps with the burial.
After the burial, a ceremony is performed. Pak Coa is the older man (below) in the centre foreground. For 30 plus years he has worked on and off for MAF on a contract basis - fixing homes, building projects at MAF hangars, acting as a night guard, etc. He has personally worked for Amy & I helping fix up our home here and is greatly appreciated by all of us here! Last year, another daughter of his passed away from cancer, leaving a husband and children. Now, he has lost two daughters in a seven month period. I ask that you pray for both Pak Coa and the two family's that have experienced this loss.

April 27, 2014

Going Solo

Last week our newest pilot Pete Neal flew solo for the first time here in Indonesia. It has been a long standing tradition to give a pilot a nice bath right after his/her first solo flight. Anyone can participate, especially the little ones who know no mercy, nor when enough is enough...because when to comes to soaking someone, it can never be enough.
 Oh, the anticipation!

 A few shots of random MAF kiddos...looking cute & preparing for battle.

 Above is Pete & Joy's son coolin' off in the tight-ee white-ees while waiting patiently for Dad to get home.
 It's go time! Pete did come prepared with his own water gun and water balloons, but in the end it only further encouraged the children to refill their weaponry multiple times.
Craig giving Pete a dry set of pilot bars. Good job Pete! It takes several years specifically dedicated to preparation to get to this point. It is a pretty cool testament of God's faithfulness to us over the years each time one of us reach a big milestone like this.

April 18, 2014

More Mid-term Pic's

All the snow in Revelstoke made for a pretty good play ground for our Luke, Si, Helena, & Charlotte. They had their cousins to show them how it is done!
Luke is working on a snow fort. It is funny how I now agree with the "no-tunnels-because-it's-too-dangerous" policy. As a child I did nothing all winter but build giant mazes of tunnels throughout our front yard, and could not imagine a heaven without winters that last 100 years and snow piles 200ft high. Oh the hypocrisy of fatherhood.
Charlotte experiencing her first winter experiences!
Helena just loves playing in the snow, whether it is with others or just solo.

Poppy, Helena, & Charlotte testing Grandma's cookies!
No snakes to worry about here! Just frost bite.
Home sweet Home. It's hard to see any houses from the street at this time of year.
An "action" shot of Gabe & Simon jumping off a snow pile.
It was so cool to see our kids play with their cousins like they've always lived next door to each other. Gabe & Si are two peas in a pod. Unfortunately I don't have any pic's of Luke with Levi out in the snow.