July 26, 2011

From the Road...

Okay, I apologize to all of you who aren't that overly interested in kiddie pictures...But, I am a Dad and the camera seems to gravitate towards family when they're around. These quick periods of time recently have been a lot about family, as we're getting down to our last visits with some of them for some time. Don't complain, or next week it'll be pictures of the inside of an aircraft engine!

 Levi - master huckleberry picker! The bears will starve this summer, Levi is systematically removing their food supply (that's of course if the bears don't start eating the berry pickers).

Gabe, master huckleberry eater! 

Helena...master cookie dough eater! 

 Poppy & Dad


One of Helena's favourite things to do - wear other peoples' shoes. Also the reason she often has skinned knees. 

Mom's flowers - we're so thankful for the beautiful back yard...she put so much work into it making it beautiful and quite kid proof.

 Papa & Poppy

 Okay, this is on the road after leaving Revelstoke, having supper somewhere in Northern Idaho. The kids sat there all sweet without getting nasty with each other for about as long as it took me to point and click.

 Getting back into the van & off to Post Falls.

 Day 2, a cute state park near a truly "Northern Idaho" town a little ways off the state highway called Winchester, population 308...which I think was a joke (get it, 308 Winchester)

 Lil' Taco is getting so big!

See, no joke. In Southern Idaho they make jokes about Northern Idaho and their guns. We stopped at one gas station, and it had a sign on the store door: "PLEASE leave your guns in the car, don't bring them in the store." I wanted a picture but the kids were getting fussy and the locals were staring (as they shined their guns, clean the barrels, and packed bullets). If I ever saw anyone trying to bring a gun into a gas station in Canada I'd freak out and run like the wind (of course, I'm not 19 anymore, so I'd stretch first and start out slow to warm up).

We're now settling into our 'home' here in Nampa, Idaho and are into our first round of classes. It was 38 degrees C yesterday, and all the southern folks here were enjoying the 'comfortably cool' weather...whereas we're still 'adjusting' from Prince George weather. A good half-way prep for Indonesia!

More pic's and posts to come...


  1. love the picture of the 3 kids eating. glad you guys made it safely

  2. Love the pictures guys!!!