February 27, 2011

To Revelstoke, Sicamous, Calgary, Kaslo, & back!

Our family is back in Prince George, and happy to be home! Amy and I were figuring so far we've been on the road more in 2011 than at home, kind of like our fall last year. That said, our trip to the Revelstoke area was awesome. Our first Sunday there we were able to share at the Sicamous Baptist Church, and were able meet some new folks there and say high to some old friends.

The week after that was quite 'event filled'. It started with a two night trip to Calgary where Amy and I were able to visit with some old friends we haven't visited with in ages. That was followed by attending my Grandmother's funeral on Saturday...Well, the intention was to "attend" her funeral, but for all of you who live in Revelstoke or have been there in the winter, sometimes road travel comes to a grinding halt due to avalanche danger - as it did the morning we were to travel to the funeral. So, we sat there from 5am on looking at road reports on the internet.

Out front of my parents house. Beautiful, but where to put the snow?

The roads briefly opened in the early afternoon and we arrived in Enderby just in time for the grave side service. All in all, that we even made the grave side service was an answer to prayer, and that evening it was great to see all the family that we don't often get to see. It was also very nice to celebrate my Grandmother's life. She was 103 years old, and loved Jesus Christ. Her obedience to God in her life lives on as a blessing to all her descendants. Where would I be today if she and my Grandfather did not raise my Dad the way they did?

Amy, Luke, and myself with Grandma Eadie about 5 yrs ago.

That Sunday we had an opportunity to give an update on our support raising at the Revelstoke Baptist Church, and say thank you to the church and the families in it that are supporting our ministry with MAF. It was also neat to meet a few new families (new to us that is) during the week following.

The weekend after that, we travelled down to Kaslo where we were able to share with the Kaslo Community Church about MAF and how we've felt God call us to serve with them. It was a very encouraging visit as we felt so welcomed and were able to meet some really neat families. Thank you to all the folks in Kaslo for all of your prayers, encouragement and support! Amy and I feel so blessed to know you and have you guys a part of our ministry with MAF.

Our kids have done very well with all the travelling we've done in the last six months, and I think we're all looking forward to some 'routine' in our lives - although it will be relatively short lived. Right now, we're attempting to focus as much of our attention as we can on increasing our monthly support level to 100% by April, at which time I'll be heading to Wichita Kansas for two weeks to take a course on a Cessna 208 Caravan.

We ask that you would pray that our MAF ministry support would come in - in God's timing, as our schedule gets much more crazy April on. To all the families that have chosen to support our ministry with MAF, we're so thankful and are so excited to be partnering with you in ministry in Indonesia. To all the folks we had coffee with, ate meals with and/or stayed at your place - thank you so much!

And thank you Mom & Dad for watching our kids (not always healthy kids either), making delicious meals, and all that you did to help us out! You've totally blessed us.

Luke at my parents front entrance - light to moderate avalanche danger :) The snow on the left is over 10 feet - just from the snow blower & shovelling. Reminds me of my childhood!

Snow-shoeing with my Dad for the afternoon. What's a trip up 'The Bend' without a fire? Good times!