March 4, 2011

Partnering in Ministry

As our family prepares to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Indonesia, our first goal is to reach our full monthly support level.  How is this done?  MAF is a faith based ministry - meaning our ability to serve with MAF is accomplished by many different individuals, families, and churches partnering together - through prayer and finances to enable this much needed ministry.

Since we began building out Ministry Partnership Team in July 2010, God has been faithful and provided as we have raised 100% of our one-time amount, and are now at 79% of our monthly support goal. We've been able to speak at a number of churches, and meet many awesome individuals and families who have chosen to become of a part of this ministry. We are so thankful to all those who have given, are now giving, and for all those who are praying for us and this ministry!

Would you like to become involved? Here's how:

1) Pray for Indonesia and MAF's ministry around the world - Set a little time aside each week to google some of the current issues in Indonesia and pray for them along with those prayer requests we have in our newsletter. You can also sign up to receive regular prayer updates from MAF worldwide here:

2) Partner with us financially - Become a monthly supporter of our family's ministry with MAF. This can be done by contacting us or visiting MAF Canada's website (our missionary ID# is C481). We will not be able to complete our preparation here in North America and head to Indonesia until we are fully funded.

3) Become advocates of this vital ministry - Did you know that last year in just the one Indonesian Province of Papua, MAF made over 10,000 flights, delivered over 4.6 million pounds of cargo, and saved Christian & Humanitarian workers 17,826 days of travel? Worldwide, MAF operates in over 30 different countries  around the world, and is used in countless different ways. And why? To show Christ's love to those who are in need - both spiritually and physically.