October 20, 2011

Turning 3...

The 17th was Helena's third birthday. Pink plates, cups, & napkins along with a "princess hat" made for a very "Helena" birthday celebration. Not to mention - cupcakes & presents!

Luke & Simon have recently decided that the latest and greatest pass-time is playing "Angry Birds" on Dad's ipod. Of course, they only get it in 'doses' if they're good (and when Mom & Dad need a break). How on earth did people raise their children before ipods!? (joke)

October 16, 2011


Playing lego has become one of our kids favourite pass times (no influence what-so-ever from their Dad). To add to what they have with them down here in Nampa, they have a big rubbermaid bin full of it waiting in our crates...a welcome surprise once we arrive in Papua!

October 7, 2011

Neat Video

Here's a neat MAF Tanzania video I came across a while back.

October 4, 2011

Wow, not too many more sleeps!

The last week or two Amy and I have been noticing the end to our time here in Nampa is creeping up. And that means not too many more sleeps till a rather long airplane ride...Exciting! Along with that excitement we've also been doing a little "Ok, ok...now, uh, what else do we need to do!?" I think I've made lists of things I need to make lists about, and when I lose them I make more lists. I should make a note about not losing lists. I'm my Mother's boy...My Mom has been known to write a list or two, I certainly remember "chore lists". Now I write lists. Hey, don't judge me. Now where were we, oh yah, getting close to Indonesia:

Yesterdey I could not spel Misionery, todey I are one!
I'd certainly love to jump into working on planes the moment we arrive in Indonesia. But, the first challenge we'll be facing there is learning Indonesian. The reality is, in order to be useful, we really need to be able to communicate. Learning the language (to a half decent level) may the most important and useful 'tool' I have in Indonesia.

And maybe more importantly than myself learning Indonesian is Amy learning Indonesian. I can't imagine running a home with four kids, relating with house help, buying food, taking care of business, & not being able to speak the local language. In fact, some days I can't imagine doing that in an english speaking country. We hope that learning the language will also be an invaluable investment in relating to Indonesians, so that we can better learn their culture and reflect Christ to them in how we live our lives.

This last weekend I thought maybe driving 1.5 hours out of town and going for a good hike would be a great idea...But, since we weren't too prepared for all six of us doing that, the voice of reason came calling and we decided a big ol' park in Boise was a more attainable goal (hike maybe another day). Still great for Dad to pack along his camera & take photos of his favourite targets!

Please pray that our Visas to arrive soon, and that all our "i's" get dotted and "t's" get crossed as we spend the next 5 to 6 weeks preparing to leave. Thank you!