August 31, 2014

Around the Home

Meet Guster, he's a pug, he comes from Surabaya on the Island of Java, and his favourite colour is unknown. The types of dogs you can procure locally don't always work out well as pets (as we found out first hand)...hence we are happy have Gus!
Gus meet the Eadies, Eadies meet Gus.
Simon and Gus, love at first sight! All of our kids are really good with Gus, and he adds a little extra barking security to our yard (which is one of the main reasons we got another dog, as having even a little one in the yard means folks will think twice before jumping the fence uninvited).
Charlotte's 3rd birthday happened in May, what a big girl! It is weird to remember how she was about 6 months old when we moved to Indonesia. Below, she is sporting a princess dress she got for her birthday.

An all girl party and pink princess cake rounded out her day...
For Luke's birthday in June, one of the events was they had to build a specific type of lego contraption (that I thought up, but I now cannot remember what it is I requested) in a short amount of time. Here are the two teams with their creations...
Notice Luke sporting his new Canucks hat and T-shirt. Oh the faith of little children, my heart is still recovering from the final game 7 in 2011.

Here the kids are standing right outside the front gate of our home.  I cannot remember who they were waiting for at the time, probably the ice cream man...So they can scream and jump in an uncontrollable ice cream frenzy and then turn to me and plead for me to buck up and pay. Yes, we actually have an ice cream man here, who'd of thunk! He uses a scooter with an insulated icebox contraption on the back and plays a catchy electronic ice-cream tune. He certainly markets himself well to those of us that originate from ice cream eating cultures who are lured ever closer by the comparatively low prices and hot Borneo heat.