June 11, 2013

From the Phone No.5

I have to catch up and share some photos from months past! If I don't, I might create an imbalance in the continuum of this continuum sensitive blog.

Luke and Si have begun to learn how to bash nails and make contraptions out of scrap wood. I really need to spend more time with the boys in this area, as Si especially likes getting out the tools.
Measuring tapes are fun because everything has a length...
Let's figure out that oil leak on the generator! This was back when our generator was really getting a workout, almost daily. It puts out enough electrons to get a few lights going, keep the fridge from thawing out, and even maybe cool one room down...a real help!

Our electricity has really got more consistent, mainly because some of the community kind of got fed up and things turned into - let's say -  a  "politically sticky" situation locally, and outside intervention stepped in to assure somewhat continuous power for our insland for the time being...no complaints here!

Sometimes we get visitors in the hangar, and sometimes they're little! A school class takes the tour and looks at the airplanes.