April 9, 2013

Updates & What Not's

Just try to imagine how the world turned and life went on before internet. How did they do it!? Of course, so much is not what you have or don't have, but what you expect and what is 'normal'.

Between a lightning strike, the inability to get a new modem up and running, and being out of town for a week, we went quite a stretch with no internet...(oh poor us). That's as close as I'll get to making an excuse for not updating this blog in so long :)

Family Conference 2013
Every year, our Kalimantan program gets together for about 1 week for a family conference. This was held in Balikpapan (a bigger city about a 50min. flight from Tarakan), and was a good time of learning, VBS for the kids, and of course - breakfast buffet! No, breakfast was not the most fulfilling part of conference, but filling it was. Mmmm, eggs, hash browns, beef bacon (actually there was pork bacon too but you had to talk to a secret contact or knock a secret pattern on a secret door or something like that...I never had any but I knew a guy, who knew a guy, who did get hold of some.)

To top it off, an awesome group of folks came from the Nampa, ID area to run a VBS for the kiddos, it was a real blessing - Thanks to any VBS folks who read this, you definitely blessed us with all your efforts! Being able to step back from our daily responsibilities in Tarakan and intentionally focus on some self care was very welcomed.

My brother and Dad have arrived here in Tarakan! We cannot say how awesome it is to have family here, to share in a bit of our lives and experience the place we are in. Further more, I hope to plagerize  a whole bunch of my brother's photos and put them on this blog in the near future (hehe). We thank God for allowing this visit to come together as it has.

Hey, what's a blog post without pictures...Here's Helena a few weeks ago showing off her tree fort in our back yard. Dad thinks she's pretty cute!