April 27, 2014

Going Solo

Last week our newest pilot Pete Neal flew solo for the first time here in Indonesia. It has been a long standing tradition to give a pilot a nice bath right after his/her first solo flight. Anyone can participate, especially the little ones who know no mercy, nor when enough is enough...because when to comes to soaking someone, it can never be enough.
 Oh, the anticipation!

 A few shots of random MAF kiddos...looking cute & preparing for battle.

 Above is Pete & Joy's son coolin' off in the tight-ee white-ees while waiting patiently for Dad to get home.
 It's go time! Pete did come prepared with his own water gun and water balloons, but in the end it only further encouraged the children to refill their weaponry multiple times.
Craig giving Pete a dry set of pilot bars. Good job Pete! It takes several years specifically dedicated to preparation to get to this point. It is a pretty cool testament of God's faithfulness to us over the years each time one of us reach a big milestone like this.

April 18, 2014

More Mid-term Pic's

All the snow in Revelstoke made for a pretty good play ground for our Luke, Si, Helena, & Charlotte. They had their cousins to show them how it is done!
Luke is working on a snow fort. It is funny how I now agree with the "no-tunnels-because-it's-too-dangerous" policy. As a child I did nothing all winter but build giant mazes of tunnels throughout our front yard, and could not imagine a heaven without winters that last 100 years and snow piles 200ft high. Oh the hypocrisy of fatherhood.
Charlotte experiencing her first winter experiences!
Helena just loves playing in the snow, whether it is with others or just solo.

Poppy, Helena, & Charlotte testing Grandma's cookies!
No snakes to worry about here! Just frost bite.
Home sweet Home. It's hard to see any houses from the street at this time of year.
An "action" shot of Gabe & Simon jumping off a snow pile.
It was so cool to see our kids play with their cousins like they've always lived next door to each other. Gabe & Si are two peas in a pod. Unfortunately I don't have any pic's of Luke with Levi out in the snow.

April 9, 2014

Mid-Term Pic's

Back in Indonesia!

I was a little sporadic with my camera during our 1.5 months in winter wonderland, but here are a few pic's nonetheless. I do wish I had made sure I had pictures of everyone, but I didn't...sorry!
 Amy and her Mom.
 Charlotte running to catch up to Grandma and her siblings on the wharf in Sechelt, BC.
 Grandma White and Charlotte.
 We all got to attend one of big cousin Eli's hockey games, Amy's older brother Matt coaches his games. Eli #17 on the bench with Dad!
 This is the same ice rink Amy once watched her brothers play their hockey growing up. Of course, she remembers what snacks they had available at the canteen better than any actual hockey...

 Luke & family cheering Eli's team on!
Helena and older cousin Isabella following the generational footsteps and looking for ice rink snacks.