April 9, 2014

Mid-Term Pic's

Back in Indonesia!

I was a little sporadic with my camera during our 1.5 months in winter wonderland, but here are a few pic's nonetheless. I do wish I had made sure I had pictures of everyone, but I didn't...sorry!
 Amy and her Mom.
 Charlotte running to catch up to Grandma and her siblings on the wharf in Sechelt, BC.
 Grandma White and Charlotte.
 We all got to attend one of big cousin Eli's hockey games, Amy's older brother Matt coaches his games. Eli #17 on the bench with Dad!
 This is the same ice rink Amy once watched her brothers play their hockey growing up. Of course, she remembers what snacks they had available at the canteen better than any actual hockey...

 Luke & family cheering Eli's team on!
Helena and older cousin Isabella following the generational footsteps and looking for ice rink snacks.

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