December 7, 2012

Moe & Roe

The other day, while on a walk home from the local grocery store, Amy heard some whimpering coming from a gutter maybe a block from our house. So, she and the kids took a peek and found a couple puppies all tangled up in weeds. With the help of an Indonesian man, she got them out, into a bag, and brought them home!

We had been talking about getting a dog anyways, so saving a couple furry little fellers from a bleak outlook sounded pretty good to us & the kids, Luke especially!
 Meet Moe and Roe! The white one was named "Moe" after Moses since she was tangled up in the weeds and was rescued...That's before we new she was a she. "Roe" is short for "Rocky the Robot" - the name ceremoniously given by Simon.

 Like any self respecting puppies, they are very playful. They also have quite the appetites, which I would expect since they come from a long healthy line of stray garbage eating dogs. (We still see their Mom & Dad everyday making a mess of the garbage at the local "transfer station" just down the road from our house. By "transfer station" I mean the following: You throw your garbage in the little concrete walled type garbage building, and through various means most of your garbage is then "transferred" all over the place...Usually as about as far as a dog is willing to run off with a garbage bag in it's mouth before deciding to splay the contents all over the ground for everyone to smell and see. But I wouldn't want to get too descriptive because this is all tasteful content for a future post!)
 Moe and Roe playing with a leaf...Better than eating my shoes, which they are already fully capable of doing.

Yes, we've given them worm medicine, etc. But we still make Simon wash up after seeing him "help" Roe do all the actions to "When your happy and you know it clap you hands".


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