December 3, 2012

Out and About

There's a little hill just down the road from our house, it is where Luke's school is located. Sometimes we get up there for a family walk.
A view of Tarakan from the school road.
Kids playing with a toy airplane near some tennis courts.
An all ages game of volleyball was in progress, so I thought I'd snap a couple quick pictures...
...But of course it doesn't take long before everyone is lining up, making jokes, and yelling for more pictures!
When Charlotte is sleeping, it is definitely easier for Helena to hitch a ride, as she doesn't get kicked in the back and yelled at :)
It would almost be weird to go out and about with the kids and not get asked - at least once - by a passerby to get their picture taken together with some of the kids.
Si and Charlotte, two peas in a pod hangin' out!

Not the greatest picture to show it, but it is very common this time of year to have both blue sky on one side and storm clouds building on the other. Pretty cool!

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