April 17, 2012

The Pasar

The other day I took my camera down to the local pasar (open market) for a few pictures. Many people do their food shopping here. In fact, we eat a lot of chicken, rice, veggies, and fruit bought from here by our wonderful house help. A wide angle lens would have been great here, but maybe that's for another time :)
Dried fish...the smell is quite pleasant when compared to fresh fish.

Some of my new buddies...Indonesians are generally super friendly, and love to ask where you are from, if you are married, how many kids do you have, etc. They also often love to take their picture with you (the "obviously not from here" person) and are happy to pose for a picture or two themselves.
To fu or however you spell it...no thanks.
I wanted to buy a squishy handful of cow to put in my back pack to snack on later, but didn't have the heart to wake this poor lady up.
Again, it is not hard to find someone who will smile for a picture and engage you in some friendly chit chat (great language practice for me).

Hot peppers among other things...yum!

The darker fruit is called "salak" and the lighter coloured is called "duku". Our house help told we have in fact eaten both types already...as I wasn't sure :)  I think I've liked just about every fruit I've tried thus far.

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