September 29, 2013

Into the Fall & Back to School

Our kiddos started their new school year in August (like the US does). Luke started Grade 3, Simon - Grade 1, Helena - Kindergarten (with Amy), and Charlotte, well, she's moved on to Big Girl Play Time (as apposed to littler girl play time). Here's a couple of attempts of a first day of school picture:
Between the two pic's, each kid is smiling at least once :)
Luke and Si attend a small MAF school run this year by two awesome teachers who serve our families by teaching our kids. Let me tell you, this is such a blessing! We are very thankful to have Lynne & Mary again this year.

Summer break from school is handy for Amy and I as it is one of the very few indications we have to what time of year it is. Having them home for "summer break" helps one to mentally support the idea that it is summer, and once they return to school it is "the fall".

Below the kiddos are taking advantage of an afternoon rain storm that rolled by. When we lived in Salatiga (Central Java), rain storms like this that happened during the day seemed to be more frequent. Here, due to coastal weather patterns and such it more often storms and rains at night. Luckily, it rarely goes more than a week or so without rain, as all of our water reserves come from the rain.
Okay, more pic's and stories about what we've been up to here the last while...coming up!