November 22, 2010

Back Home...White & Leafless!

The last couple of weeks has had us back in Prince George - home sweet home! (for now of course). As a family we spent almost 4 weeks on the Sunshine Coast and in the Lower Mainland. We were able to meet a lot of neat people and speak at a total of 4 churches! Meeting new people and making new friends is such neat aspect to the support raising we are now involved in. The reality is that we'd never know these people or have a connection to them if it weren't for the work God is now doing in our lives to prepare us for the Mission Field, and build up our Support Team.

But for the whole family being home back in PG has been a much needed break from the road!

This last week winter has officially arrived in Prince George, temperatures below -20 deg. C, and white stuff. Next year this time we expect to be learning Indonesian in the city of Salatiga on the Island of Java. Besides ash from their local volcano (Mt. Merapi) I don't think they're getting any white stuff!

Mmmm...home cooking, why so excited Simon? Maybe he's thinking of a meatball sub from Subway he had while on the road.

Christmas cookies, that's more like it!

The 'scarf' Helena's wearing is a knitted doll sweater she seems to find lying around and promptly pulls it over her head...Accessories!

Lego is a big hit with the boys, and just what Santa likes to bring more of to good little boys. I (Ben) may have helped Luke with his gas station - purely to help, I didn't enjoy it at all :)