July 15, 2014

Visiting a Friend

A friend of ours recently moved from Tarakan "city" to a community further up the island. Although not out in the jungle, this area is definitely a little more country-esk. We went out as a family to visit Orpa and her son Sem once they were moved in.

Luke checking out the kitchen!
The reason for our friend Orpa's move was because her husband's family had a home they could live in rent free, so they could save to one day buy their own home. Charlotte thinks any home with tricycles in it is Aye-Okay!
Below, Orpa and her sister visit with Amy. It was a sunny day, and as the tin roofing heats up to molten lava temperatures, it creates a convection style oven in the house. I took this picture sitting in front of a fan. Orpa's husband works off island, so it nice for us to see their family with a home to live in, even though it is a bit of a drive from town.
A view of the "street" outside the house. When it is raining hard (as it often does) I'm sure there would be a small river or two to cross. It certainly is less noisy out here though!
One bonus of a Torajanese style house built on stilts is that it is noticeably cooler underneath the house, and also makes a great sandbox! Our kids spent most of their time here playing with some local kids - dirt is universally fun. I always love how kids here know how to strike a picture perfect pose in a matter of seconds. If I ever try and get our kids to line up like this it usually ends in tears :)