April 4, 2012

In Photos...

Photos of the last week or two...
Amy taking her first ride on our new Honda 'Scoopy' scooter. We traded our old Suzuki Skywave in as it was a bit heavy for Amy...And just not cute enough. I Always wanted a cute scooter. But, I will show pic's soon of my not-so-cute 1977 Honda CB.
The computer...We would be seriously at a stand still without it. 
Helena checking out a small millipede one of her brother's pointed out.
Luke at the school playground showing Dad how he can easily climb to heights that would guarantee injury if he fell.

Putting easter stickers on empty egg shells after a little easter story & lesson.

Two cuties!

Charlotte has become arguably our most busy baby, as she has mastered the arts of quickness and climbing. Soon I should have a short video on the blog to explain more.

Helena baking cookies with Mom.

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