November 24, 2012

Getting Settled

The process of "getting settled" is slowly but surely happening for us.  Rubbermaid bins can still be found scattered about our house, still half full of stuff waiting for a permanent home - 3 of them making a good spot in our living room for our 16" tall Xmas-tree-in-a-bucket to temporarily sit upon (out of reach of Charlotte).

So to match our current "lifestyle" of choice, why not some slightly scattered, somewhat disorganized blog posts. After all, it is a bit hard to introspectively run about the island, camera in hand, until you can remember which rubbermaid bin has a clean t-shirt, and the leak in the back room is fixed, Et Cetera.
Above is a picture of our crates from Canada when I first started cracking them open in the hangar. Notice the hockey stick I thought brought 1/2 way around the world...Looks like more hockey might happen this year in Borneo than in the NHL. And oh yes, that's my toolbox waiting for some wheels & tools to get back in business!
I snapped a quick picture of our Quest Kodiak a few weeks back with the engine cowls off as we were doing a scheduled inspection (notice Mr.Toolbox in the back ground wheels on & loving being back working). Our program here is expecting a 2nd Kodiak soon, in fact, it should already be here. It will get put to work as soon as it arrives!
Here is a view of the MAF hangar from the airport side, to the right is the MAF offices. If you happen to notice how low the tail is on the Cessna 206 in the hangar, it was because the nose gear assembly needed a little love. On the far right, just outside of the picture on a little hill is a concrete Japanese machine gun bunker from WW2. That is material for another blog post, when I find a bit of time to introspectively run about the island, camera in hand :)
BC, Java, or Borneo. Dressing up like a pretty princess is universal for Helena.
One morning before breakfast sitting on the front porch!
Above, take note of Charlotte's red little nose. While at a friends house a few days before, she fell in a little rain water gutter, scraped herself up a bit, and barely cried. For almost a week, I must admit I gave her the nickname "Borris", after the late, great, (often not sober) leader of post communism Russia.
Quite the resemblance, eh?


  1. I absolutely love that picture of Helena!!

  2. I can't believe how big everyone is getting...and how dark Simon's hair is compared to his siblings :) I'm glad you guys are getting settled well!