April 27, 2014

Going Solo

Last week our newest pilot Pete Neal flew solo for the first time here in Indonesia. It has been a long standing tradition to give a pilot a nice bath right after his/her first solo flight. Anyone can participate, especially the little ones who know no mercy, nor when enough is enough...because when to comes to soaking someone, it can never be enough.
 Oh, the anticipation!

 A few shots of random MAF kiddos...looking cute & preparing for battle.

 Above is Pete & Joy's son coolin' off in the tight-ee white-ees while waiting patiently for Dad to get home.
 It's go time! Pete did come prepared with his own water gun and water balloons, but in the end it only further encouraged the children to refill their weaponry multiple times.
Craig giving Pete a dry set of pilot bars. Good job Pete! It takes several years specifically dedicated to preparation to get to this point. It is a pretty cool testament of God's faithfulness to us over the years each time one of us reach a big milestone like this.

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