August 4, 2011

From Idaho

A few pictures of the kids & what they've been up to here @ MAF in Nampa....

Pet rats!  Too bad the Grandma's weren't down here for this. In Indonesia this is how we'll get our protein. Just kiddin' (I think).

Helena looooves her accessories

Family trip to the Boise Zoo. The price was right, very kid friendly, and they had a surprising variety of animals. I must say, the amount of living space these animals had at this zoo is somewhat minimal to what I've seen in Canada. There would be some serious animal activist 'activity' to say the least if this zoo were north of the boarder. But, the kids loved it!

Looking at Giraffes

Ranger station, jump on the jeep!

Simon checking out a caged animal

We lucked out and got the housing unit at MAF that had a sandbox type play area right our our front door. Very nice!  Well, it wasn't all luck, a friend of ours requested it for us back in January (thanks Jennifer!)

Our home away from our other homes, until our big move to our new home

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  1. those rats are just too creepy. I absolutely love love love Helena in the b&w pic.