August 21, 2011

More From Idaho

Well it's been about 1 month since we arrived here, and I think I could count on one hand the drops of rain I've seen.  One day a bit of a storm blew over and about 3 drops fell in front of our place.  Enjoy the dry while it's dry I guess!  The humidity factor will be increased in a few months for our family :)  The first two weeks of August saw Amy and I between courses that we are taking here in Nampa, which was nice because it gave us a chance to just hang out as a family and to feel a bit more settled.  I also was able to spend 2 or 3 days each week in the MAF maintenance hangar 'unofficially' getting my hands dirty again.  I practiced a bit of TIG welding (a first for me) and helped with a propeller assembly re-seal.  We took a propeller & hub off a Cessna 206 (that just recently arrived back from Papua, Indonesia - of all places), took it a part, cleaned, inspected, & re-sealed it, and installed it onto one of the Cessna 206's they have here for training pilots.  No pictures, maybe next time.  I must say, it is nice to pick up some tools again and work on something aircraft related!

This last week my maintenance standardization officially started and will run till early October.  One very neat aspect to being here is meeting up with friends again whom we've met in our last year and a half of preparing to serve with MAF.  Represented in our standardization class are folks from Australia, Canada, Ecuador, and the US.  Soon, the six of us and our families we'll be scattered all over the world in our respective programs.  In fact, each one of us are headed to separate countries: Ecuador, Indonesia, DR Congo, Kenya, Central Asia, & Mozambique.  Quite the mix!

Ya'll been to Kuna? Well, you haven't lived till you've experienced "Kuna Days"!!  Kuna's a little farming type town south of here...parade, candy, the kids loved it.

Yeehaw!  Joint the ATV Association - Kuna Chapter! This must be the local organized crime. Funny, I didn't see any snowmobile club. I must say though, we were recommended to come back down to Kuna because they have an awesome Mexican restaurant...they were right, it was smokin' good!

 Some random pictures of the kiddies playing out front of our place. 

 Simon wrestling in his heart about whether or not he should use this wet sand for good or for evil.

 Helena made her own personal not-so-hot tub one evening out of the toy bucket. Just the right size!

Out two girls nappin' in an air conditioned home during the heat of the day.

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  1. Love Love LOVE the picture of your girls. :) How on earth did you get them to fall asleep together anyways?
    Boy, do I miss seeing English on signs around town :) Looks like you guys are having fun. We should have a skype coffee one of these evenings???? It would be great to catch up.