July 14, 2011


 Fireworks from the "4th of Ju-ly !!!" I bled red, white, & blue for one day down here, but I kept looking over my shoulder because it felt like Stevie Harper was staring at me with those cold, steely eyes.  So, on the 5th it was back to just red & white. At church on the 3rd we sang a 'patriotic package'  that included classics like 'God bless America'. We also pledged our allegiance to the flag...I didn't know it, and I guess it would have been weird if I did (Mom, you should be proud!).

 This is the test stand engine at STC. It allows students to become familiar with running a PT6, and allows us to become familiar with adjustments you don't do very often in the field. If you're going to make a molten mess out of an engine...this is the place to do it!

A training aid in class, this old PT6 is cut away so one can see the guts. I looked and looked, but I couldn't find the giant rubber band.

More engines / training aids used during the engine portion of schooling. It is so beneficial to have a missions focused organization like Spokane Turbine Centre with these facilities to help prep pilots & mechanics for operations in the field. During my time in Prince George I spent time working on these type of engines & some similar aircraft, and here at STC I've been able to gain a lot knowledge & info that I can put to use in Indonesia.

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  1. Love the blog! Great pics of the kids and planes! -W