September 26, 2014

Visiting Binuang - Part II

Shaking hands before our game. I played for the village of Runang, and Paul played for one of the Binuang teams. It was good fun, and boy am I glad we played at like 9am, because it was already plenty hot!
One definite highlight of the weekend was the low water level in the Krayan river, making it swimmable for kids. It reminded me of summer swimming visits to the "water wheel" along the Shuswap river just outside of Enderby, BC. No, there are no crocodiles this far inland to worry about, and sightings of swimming king cobras and/or gigantic reticulating pythons are pretty rare :)  (That comment was for the Grandma's).

The dugout canoes along the shore were a main attraction as the kids enjoyed pushing them out a little ways and tipping them.
Below, Simon taking a moment to pose introspectively for the camera.
What more could a sweet five year old girl want than to find a water buffalo skull to play with!
Our kids and the local kids had loads of fun playing together. These particular girls below had a blast giggling away at everything the boys did.
Ah yes, more water buffalo bones! Treasures of immeasurable value.
Some guy must have wondered later on why a whole bunch of old bones were neatly lined up in his canoe.
Tipping over the canoe, dumping the girls!
A couple more puppy pic's...
Blake & Luke...
Here's a cool little bird that wasn't doing too well. The boys tried to give it a little TLC.

Blake, Charlotte, & bird...
I just thought I'd throw this pic in of Helena because I like it.
And of course, our kiddos ended up with a 24hr stomach flu when they got home, Luke actually got it while still there. I guess this isn't unlike a lot of holiday type experiences back in Canada! Thank goodness for plastic puke buckets and TV :)

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