February 12, 2012

In Photos

Here are a few photos of a sunny morning in our town...

I can't remember the name of this Elephant-ish deity, but I do know this is a Hindu statue. As it is marking the beginning of a street, there would be a bit of irony involved if you were to crash into such a statue and hurt your head...considering it has skulls all over it.

This man uses the cart he is pushing to collect garbage. Kind of like the 'Garbage Truck' back home but minus the truck. As far as the shirt goes, he may not know what is actually written on it, as many Indonesians tend to wear clothing with all types of 'colourful' sayings, seemingly oblivious to the English meaning. But then again, maybe this guy does know what it says! Either way, pretty neat.

This older fellow (but probably quite fit) is pushing a "Becak" or pedal bike taxi contraption. They're quite common here. Amy has rode on one but I have not. I can't say it would feel right to have a guy old enough to be my Dad pedalling me around as I put my feet up. Unless of course, it was actually my Dad :)

The tower on a rather large "Masjid" or Mosque near the down town square. There are many many Mosques even just in Salatiga. But the majority of them are smaller, some not much bigger than the average house. We are fortunate not to have one right next door to our home because of the noise factor, but we can hear up to 5 or 6 of them at one time at any given call to prayer. After a while, it thankfully becomes more of a back ground noise that you sub-conciously tune out. And, I also find it is a kind of clock, as it can remind one roughly what time it is! If you wake up to it, you know it is roughly 4:30am...too early.

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