February 22, 2012

In Photos...

If it doesn't rain here by early afternoon, there's a chance that you might get some pretty neat cloud formations as the sun gets close to setting. A few times I was kicking myself for not having my camera, as I think it is so neat to see big ol' cumulus nimbus clouds reach up into the sky to be lit up on the side, and sometimes underneath by the sun.

I purposely did not mess with the colour in the picture above, as one evening everything started glowing an orange / red right around sunset. At least that is what it looked like to my colour blind eyes :)

Even chickens like to watch soccer in Indonesia.

Si and Helena bright and early with a couple of their teachers at the pre-school.

The little dirt road to the pre-school with Mt. Merbabu over looking in the back ground. This was the 2nd clearest day for viewing Mt. Merbabu that I have seen. It is usually either cloudy and raining, or else hazy with smoke (as all the burning is obviously done during the shorts periods of no rain).

Mt. Merbabu is 10318ft high, making it 456ft shorter than Mt. Sir Donald for all you Revelstokians...Or about 6000ft (plus) higher than Grouse Mountain for all you Lower Mainlanders.

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