February 5, 2012

Random Pictures of a Saturday

On top of school and such, this last week we were excited to help welcome the arrival of three new MAF families who will begin language school next unit. 

So......After a full week, why not a few shots of our Saturday:

Hard at work at another master piece, Luke told me today he wants to be an illustrator for books. Although, some of his books aren't exactly main stream...He just read me one where some pigs were arrested for stealing (and eating) ham.

Mmmmm...homemade granola bars!

Yes, another delicious looking picture that makes it look like we live inside one of those house & home magazines. Pictures can portray almost whatever you want. But to be completely honest, the granola bars were/are tasty as they look, so maybe I do kind of live in one of them magazines :)

For some reason it just seems longer to do stuff over hear, and think that is because in actual fact, it does take longer to do stuff here. I grabbed a few random Saturday pictures of daily tasks that require a different procedure here than back home...

 Amy is washing chicken poop & feathers off of eggs. Although farm fresh, this is not something you normally do in Canada unless of course you live on a farm.

Here, Amy is sifting flour..."Why" you may ask? Well, to get the little bugs out. Actually, we don't often have to sift flour to get bugs out, this was a first. We'll be sure to check for that "protein added" small print on the flour next time we're out shopping.

Flour bug caught in action.

Now, being from the West Coast, here's a little something Amy and I both love...making coffee that is. But as for boiling water, this happens multiple times a day as we use it for cooking, coffee, dishes, cleaning, brushing teeth, etc. We do have bottled water for drinking though, and the propane gas used in the stove is relatively cheep. Amy says it gives our home a "camping feel". Personally, I kind of like it! Plus, when the power goes out, your stove still works.

Speaking of power outages, the last few weeks has had plenty of them. Whether it is a tree branch falling on our main electrical supply cable in the lot beside us, or just a random neighbourhood black out, for a few weeks we seemed to get them almost daily. But that said, the power is never off for more than 5 or 6 hrs at a time (knock on wood).

This french press came on the airplane with us. But, I'll let you in on a little secret, that is actually Starbucks coffee being so carefully poured into our press. When we take trips to the bigger city of Semarang, we are sure to visit the Starbucks there and load up on coffee for the following month. This most likely will not be an option once we move to Papua, at that point any coffee will be joyfully welcomed!

You can take Amy out of Starbucks, but you can't take Starbucks out of Amy!

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  1. Don't worry, there's some pretty good coffee made right here in Papua!