October 2, 2012


One of the joys of speaking an internationally accepted language (Canadian) and living in a country that does not officially speak the aforementioned language, is all those "lost in translation" moments one often observes in daily life. 

The example below is by no means the funniest, most outlandish, or accidentally inappropriate example, but, I thought it at least worth sharing to get the ball rolling for future posts. After all, it's high time I did a little laughing at someone else's failed attempt to communicate half respectably in another language...Not that we know what that is like (well, no one laughs at us to our faces, thank goodness, but that doesn't mean we don't regularly say silly stuff).

I bought a bread knife the other day, and the information on the back seemed to be a weird combo of 1/2 normal sentences and completely messed up sentences. 
"Please keep and store the knife away from children"
Okay, understandable, straight forward.
"Do not take it by and when knife dropping down."
Don't take it where? When? I guess anytime a knife is 'dropping down' it's not good.

And don't forget, what the customer needs to know about this bread knife apart is:
"Specialized manufacture, specialized production-runs equipment, cutting high-rigidity, sharp and practical."

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