September 26, 2012


Well, as far as us living in Java and receiving formal language training - the end IS near. Just not THE end of everything, as is commonly inferred in the statement "the end is near". I thought it would help sell papers.

LIVE! BREAKING NEWS!! Read this fascinating update of general and somewhat recent happenings with and around our family...

  • We are (well, mostly Amy is) beginning to pack up our home. The actual planning behind packing and moving began long ago, but the actual putting of things inside of boxes, or the equivalent thereof, is now beginning. We have accumulated some furniture and living items here, as Java is both cheaper and has more options for such 'stuff'. We will be using a shipping container to move it to our new home in Tarakan, Kalimantan, as the local airlines don't let you check bunk-beds.
  • We have an unofficial date for the move! We are hoping Oct. 18th is our get-on-the-plane date. That's about 11 months and 2 days since we arrived in Indonesia. 
  • We thank God that our crates from Canada have been successfully processed in Jakarta and are on their way to Tarakan! We just hope they still have lids on them and don't go for a saltwater drink when being offloaded at the port. It has happened before.
  • I (Ben) will be writing 4 aircraft maintenance related tests this coming Monday in Jogjakarta. These are so I can get the licensing I need to work on aircraft in Indonesia. I would appreciate your prayers for me to find enough time to sufficiently study so that I can pass 'em all. After all this time learning language, it's hard to remember what size propeller thingy needs what size elastic band.
  • Still at No.18...Yes, haven't caught a rat recently, nor have I tried. When business and change descends on a family, often the those simple yet enjoyable activities that can be both are relaxing and character building get neglected and sometimes altogether forgotten.
  • Charlotte can officially climb out of her playpen. She's a climber. Not too cool with tile floors throughout the house (just a little bump, she's just fine). The good news being she will have a "big girl" bed in Tarakan, just like big sister.
Okay, enough of that, time for some various pictures...
 Usually, 1/5th of the bubble juice gets turned into bubbles by a very happy girl, and then 4/5th's get dumped on the ground. No prob, dish soap is cheap.

 Simon, super excited about his new playmobil skater dude from Grandma White!
 Charlotte LOVES running around outside.

 Two kindred spirits...
 Okay, I'm not sure if this picture made the mix because I secretly want to show off my super rad coffee mug Amy bought me, or for merely documenting a common occurrence when living bersama-sama dengan semut (living together with ants). Here, some little ants are using our counter to transport a bigger ant who has recently deceased. Usually, if they show their little ants faces, Amy gets 'em good with toxic cleaning fluids.
The above picture is not great, but it shows Charlotte charming some girls who are from the boarding school nearby. She loves to help sweep, hence the broom. Waving and looking cute transcends language and culture!

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  1. Awesome pictures! Love them. And can I just chime in with the hundreds of other people who probably remind you on a daily basis, your kids are ADORABLE :) Just seeing a picture of Charlotte makes me smile.