October 10, 2012

Count Down!

It actually rained a bit here this last week. According to my calculations it was early June the last time it had rained. Of course, 4 months without rain is nothing to write home about in some climates, but for a tropical "rainy" country I didn't really expect dry season to be so dry. But boy, when it gets raining here, it surely rains!

Count down till moving day! Our household has been a flurry of activities of late. All those big and little things that one needs to do to move a family from one Island to another. We will be packing our container on the 17th and hope to be flying to Tarakan on the 18th!!!

Needless to say, our next chance to update y'all from here will probably be after we've arrived, found our tooth brushes, got an internet connection, fed the kids, etc. We won't be moving into our future home right away as it is still being prepped for us (which we are super thankful for!). We'll move into another home on a temporary basis.

In case y'all haven't carefully studied a map of Indonesia lately, here's where we are now "A" (Salatiga, Central Java) and where we're heading "B" (Tarakan, East Kalimantan):

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We will really appreciate all your prayers as we continue to prep for the move, and also safety and sanity as we travel. This is especially true for our children, as they say goodbye to their old home and friends and prepare for their new life - something that can both be exciting and scary at the same time!
 It is amazing how pictures can capture those split second moments when everyone is actually looking in the same direction and sitting remotely close to where you asked them to sit (multiple times). 

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