January 5, 2012

Outdoor Swimming in January

The other day our family went swimming! I brought along our point and shoot camera for documentation sake.

NOTE: I seem to have become a camera snob and feel the need to point out to people when my photos were not taken from my good camera, even though I may be the only one who notices.

Yah yah, I know...All you folks with snow in your yard are a wee bit jealous of what you see in these pictures. But please know - before you send an letter to the editor and consider cutting our support, we definitely thought of all of you as we sipped our sodas pool side in the relative 'cool' of the morning...'cool' being relative, as 'cool' to Java is August in Canada :)

Sorry, I couldn't resist a few smart remarks. As any of you with kids very well know, getting out of the house once in a while is paramount to preventing insanity. In a country with way less organized entertainment than North America, and with a family who doesn't have much of a clue (& often is a little low on options), a pool is a real blessing!

As this place is a hotel / spa / restaurant type of place, we were able to walk over and have some lunch after swimming. Amy had a salad with her meal, and she bit into some little pepper that just about burned her mouth off her face. I think it is just Indonesian to have at least one hot item on a plate to make it a "complete" meal...that and rice of course.  I, not being one to squander chances, ordered a burger.


  1. Excellent choice Ben. One important question, what kind of cheese? and was the burger gouda?

  2. From the SPDC I assume John(?)...Amy said the picture was Anna. Cute!
    I don't remember there being cheese on the burger. The burger was pretty good for Indonesia considering burgers aren't really native to these parts. It had a funky bbq sauce on int that I think I'll avoid next time. Other than that, not too bad!

  3. Hot food...I cannot wait.

    Thank you for the smart comments. It's those comments that keeps me coming back for more.