January 4, 2012

In Photos...

If I remember correctly, I think these shots we on Christmas day. A few local girls came over and spent a bit of time playing with our kids in the yard. As you can see, the girls obviously have held a baby before, as they probably help a lot with their own siblings!

Luke showing off a snail shell (I think) he found the property beside us with the neighbour kids. This one is a small one as some of the others looked rather mutant sized. Simon is carefully piecing together the dinosaur bones he discovered in his Christmas archeological egg artifact (courtesy of Amy shopping in Idaho).

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  1. Amy: I just love the picture of the 3 girls holding Charlotte. Just grabbed my heart. Children everywhere are so beautiful and this is such a good picture of children from different ethnic origins just enjoying each other. Praying for you and love following your blog Maria Barber