January 21, 2012

Entertainment Close To Home

Carnival At Your Door
Check this out. Capitalism at work. No motor, two sets of pedals (one for moving kids, one for moving on), & three kids having fun for a price much much cheaper than the travelling 'spring' fair in Prince George. (Grandma's: Note that the back tire is chalked for safety.) What you don't hear is Indonesian kiddy music blaring super loud courtesy a scooter battery powering an old tape cassette deck.

World's Best Sprinkler
As it is rainy season, ones' afternoon plans must take into consideration massive amounts of rain. One day Amy and I discovered we could throw bathing suits on the kids and out they go, happy as can be! I guess it's similar to Canada, except instead of bathing suits they'd be wearing snow pants, tuque's, boots, & mittens.


 Simon enjoying rainwater pouring out of the gutter.

Neighbourhood Celebration
As I mentioned in our last post, our family was invited to a Christmas / New Years neighbourhood 'Christian' get together a couple weeks back. It was held about a 2 minute walk from our house in a roofless building (that looks like it one day might just get a roof). But, with a portable tent and a full sound system the party was in business!

This was our first experience with the local Christians in the community. Obviously at this stage in our language training we understood very little, but it was very neat to gather with & celebrate with other Christians, as we have Christ in common! This particular building is kitty corner to a M*slim boarding school. For us, being new to the country and culture, it is an interesting dynamic to here the Call to Prayer ring out at the usual time from all the Mosques in the community, while being at a Christian Christmas gathering...Not something I've experienced before!

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