November 26, 2011

In Photos...

So our new home is in the city of Salatiga, in Central Java. What brings us here is the language school IMLAC which teaches Bahasa Indonesian. We'll spend about 11 to 12 months here, unless any unforeseen set backs cause us to stay a bit longer.

As we venture out more in more in the coming weeks and months I hope to post lots of pictures to try and give a little glimpse into our lives, but also to show what life looks like here for the Indonesian people.

Helena is not a local, but already has made herself right at home! This last year she would often ask Amy in the car, "Momma, are we going to Indonesia!?" Amy would reply, "No, just Walmart..."

This little feller lives in our front yard...for now. He's not huge, but bigger than anything you'd see in Canada, maybe close to 2 inches in diameter. I think I might evict him and his two other buddies because afterall, he is a big spider, and I'd freak if I ever got one on me. I mostly threw this pic in for my brother. More spider pic's to come Jord!

These next few pic's are of our route to Luke's school. Here Luke is checking out the little drain pipe where he had seen a snake head poking out a couple times on previous morning walks to school.

A start of a little street just 50 ft from our home. It's hard to pick out in this picture, but notice the wandering chickens...

And, wandering ducks...

A soccer field just down the road from our home.

This is the playground at Luke's school, Mountain View International. We're quite lucky to have such a school for Luke to attend! Our language school is just the other side of Mountain View's campus. Each morning I drop Si and Helena off at their pre-school, Amy drops Luke off at his school, and when I show up we walk on to our school. Lots of walking & lots of school all around. Of course, once we get a scooter, our morning routine will get a bit quicker :)

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  1. love the updates and the photos are great. So nice to see where you guys are and see the sights you are seeing. Enjoy your new home!!!