November 8, 2011

Visas, Scooters, & the Beach...

Visa Update
As of late last week we got notice that our visas have arrived back from Jakarta, and now need to be processed by an Embassy in California. We submitted our visa applications way back in July, but unfortunately this is kind of the norm for getting Indonesian visas (but I still stressed all the same).

But all is good! We have a tentative date for leaving, 2:10am on Nov. 15th out of YVR. This will leave very little time for us to arrive and settle into our new home before the beginning of language school, but problem, we'll deal with that when we get there :)

This last weekend we had our Send-Off Celebration at Christ the King church in Gibsons. It went awesome, thank you everyone who came! A special thank you to Marjorie for baking up a storm, and for MAF'ers Remi V. and Guy W. for coming over on short notice (Remi's stories were a definite highlight for me).

Speaking of highlights, Amy and I were so touched when Dave, Irene, & Ann (my uncle & auntie's) put their lives on hold, flew down from Houston (BC), caught the ferry to Gibsons, had lunch with us, gave us big hugs...and got back on the ferry to go home. What can you say? We feel so loved and are so grateful for the amazing family support we have been shown over the last year.

And last but not least, thank you to everyone who gave to our scooter fund! We were blown away. I'm really excited to show everyone on this blog the many ways we will use our 'scooter-to-be'. Thank you!

The Beach
A quick walk down the steep hill by Grandma's and you're at the beach!  What'll it be this time, baby crab hunting, rock throwing, or how about a pirate hide out? Pirates sound good. After all, the girls aren't here!

 The drift wood was a little scarce at this ol' stump, but it made for good climbing.

 Silhouette o' Simon

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