November 1, 2011

Packing Up & Saying Goodbye...

From Idaho we travelled up to Revelstoke where we spent a final week with my family before we said our goodbyes for a few years. I'll say this much, goodbye's are not easy. It also was our last Sunday to attend the church I grew up in (Revelstoke Fellowship Baptist). Amy and I were so blessed to have the church pray for us and send us out as one of them - part of the body of Christ in Revelstoke. It is such a honour and blessing to represent the churches (including so many individuals & families) back home here who have & will invest so much into what we're doing with MAF.

Please continue to pray for our visas to arrive soon, as our language school in Salatiga starts on Nov. 18th. We would like to arrive at least a week early to settle our family into our new home before school starts for Amy and I.

 Ahhh...stretch! I can't imagine it is much fun travelling for two days with a suitcase stuffed where your legs normally go. Luke & Simon did just that.

 Taking a morning travel break somewhere north or south of Penticton (I can't remember).

 Looks can be deceiving, there isn't an inch to spare inside this van! By the way, the trailer is named "Jeremy".  Don't ask, I'm not the one who named it. Jeremy is for sale by the way.  Jeremy's location: Revelstoke, BC

 Mt. Mackenzie & Mt. Cartier just south of Revelstoke...I wanted to snap a few extra pic's of Revelstoke & surroundings to have with me in Indonesia. 

 Helena enjoying a dirt road ride in Papa's truck!

 Papa & Helena

Our "bags" ready for the airplane...well, we have a couple more suitcases to add to the mix. Thanks to my Dad for delivering them from Revelstoke to Chilliwack. I must say, after all the packing & prep we've done in the last year, I never realized how hard it would be to pack these bins. This is what we'll have with us from North America for our first year in Indonesia. Our crates that we packed in Prince George will be delivered to Papua when we've arrived there after language school.

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  1. Amy and Ben
    We've been reading your blog for a bit now and really enjoying it. Praying for your safety and a smooth and joyful transition in your new venture!
    love, Michele and Octavian