December 1, 2011

Attack of the Flying Bugs!!!

The other night Luke noticed a flying ant looking thing so I swatted it and put it in the garbage and thought that was that...till I walked into our front room. I made the mistake of leaving the front light on, and the entire front window screen was covered with thousands of flying bugs all trying desperately to get in so they could bathe gloriously around our front room light fixture. About 40 of them somehow made it into our house, so I turned the light off and spent the next 1/2 hour killing bugs.

My understanding is that this type of bug hatches after one or two big rains come (as the rainy season here is just getting in full swing), and have a very short life span. I'm not sure they have much purpose except for providing a food source for other bugs, lizards, chickens, and whoever else would choke one down. Here, some ants are cleaning up some leftovers the next morning on our porch.

Bug wings...everywhere.

And of course, a few chickens let themselves into our yard and helped themselves to some delicious, wingless bugs....just waiting to be eaten. Yum!

Rain! And lots of it lately. 

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