December 5, 2011

Around the Neighbourhood...

A few pictures of people and places not too far from home.

This building is about a 1/2 block down from our house. Amy was chatting with some girls (who  live in this building) yesterday and found out that it is a m*slim boarding school, probably girls only. As it seems to be under construction, I just figured it was empty!

Some local kids playing. I didn't see the one kid when I walked by because he was up a tree. After he made his way down, they were more than happy to pose for a picture. Plus, they liked seeing their picture on the back of the camera!

A retaining wall washout on a stream the meanders through the neighbourhood. I assume it happened recently since it's the beginning of rainy season. I feel for the residences who now have part of their home in the stream. I can't imagine any level of government is going to rush to their rescue and compensate them.

I wondered what the smell was by this stretch of road until I noticed it was a covered trash heap. There's a couple guys in it looking for something worth keeping, the one guy I noticed was bare foot. A good reality check to see just a small glimpse into the type of poverty millions live in. I have so much to be thankful for.

And alas, Charlotte getting her first taste of veggies! Amy is putting her Baby Bullet to good use (a small blender / food liquefier type deal).

We're quite happy for the arrival of an organic vegetable store that is soon to be opening up about a 5 min. walk from our home. It'll have veggies produced by local farmers, yum!  Shopping for food here is a bit different than your average North American experience, you have to figure out where you can get what - as apposed to running to Walmart or SaveOn, and then maybe Costco. Some stores sell some pretty weird combinations of stuff. But maybe that's for a future blog post!

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