May 3, 2011

Snap Shots...

...from the last week or two. In a few days we should have some pictures of our newest & smallest addition to our family.

 Watering the snow - only in Prince George!  Simon looks a little perplexed. No, this isn't our house, it's someone down the street.

Gotta love our high performance / high maintenance Mazda MPV! Actually, it's a good little van, we just seem to have a lot of funny little problems. The transmission oil cooler started leaking all over our drive, off with the old, and on with a new generic oil cooler. 

 Building crates for shipping our belongings to Indonesia. We'll have two crates the size of the one shown (4x4x4 ft.), and then one more for my tool box. I must say, it's nice to actually get out to the garage and build something, and to see 'physical' progress in our prep work.

AHHHH! It's a red ant and it has big pinchers! I have a funny feeling Indonesia might have more menacing bugs than a red ants...And I'm sure the boys will learn to 'enjoy' them.

Helena sporting her pink run bike, pink shoes, pink helmet, & pink on her rain coat. If you ask what her favourite thing is, she'll reply - you guessed it: "Pink!"

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