July 13, 2012

Riding the Dokar

One morning before school started again Amy and I thought it would be fun to finally take the kids on a horse & buggy ( or "Dokar") here in Salatiga, just for fun. 

So, we took the local mini-buses downtown, and then hired two Dokar's to get us back home!

Luke & Si road with Amy, and Helena rode with me, and loved it...

It is amazing to see these horses keeping calm in traffic with trucks & scooters whipping by on both sides.

Above, you can see parts of two different mountains. The closer one is part of Mt. Merbabu, and to the left (in behind) you can see the peak of Mt. Merapi (through some clouds) It is the mountain I climbed a couple months back with a group of guys, which you can read about here. From our neighbourhood, you can only see Mt. Merbabu.

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