July 28, 2012

A Stroll with Charlotte

Come on folks! Dad won't let me stray too far, but I'm sure we can find something like a rock or leaf to put in my mouth. Hopefully Dad keeps me away from the chicken poo :)
Is Mr. Neighbour home? This man has cows, chickens and goats and they live beside our house. Sometimes Mr. Neighbour climbs tall trees and gets coconuts. He also helps Dad with making our garbage disappear. It's nice to have a Mr. Neighbour!
Hey, there's some chickens now! Sometimes they sneak in our yard and poop on our porch, but they sure are tasty!
I hear some chickens in here too...
Isn't it nice on my street? Mom sometimes takes me in my stroller down this road and passed the soccer field. She takes us to Luke's school and I get to run around on the grass at the park. I like to put stuff in my mouth there too! My brothers like to take their bikes there, but Daddy has to carry Simon's bike down the hill and across the busy road because he's a little unpredictable.
Come on boys! Follow me!
It's always green here. I'm a warm blooded girl, I'm not even sure what snow is :)
Here's my house, thanks for coming. I better go, I've got toys inside calling my name!

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