June 6, 2012

Mount Merapi (Part 2)

A fellow MAF'er Will Grant (and aircraft mechanic who will be heading to Papua with his family after language school) posing with a pretty nice view.
Below, my classmate Niko from Germany, deep in thought about either the beautiful view, or maybe about his homeland winning EuroCup 2012 (that's soccer for all you hockey fans).
In the picture below, we were able to run down this bit of sand, it was the easiest part of the whole hike! I've often participated in similar activities when hiking, but it is usually on white, cold stuff, left over from the previous winter...not leftovers from a recent pyroclastic flow.
On the way down, we actually had a clear view of the cone, or at least the side of the cone we would be hiking up.
Below you can see the trail begin to get back into some green.
A few flowers I passed on the way. It is neat how the higher elevations have a similarity to back home in BC, the plants are just all different. But the air has a wee bit of that sweet smell to it, maybe even with a hint of pine. It is amazing how God created such great variety, yet there are similarities throughout. Same God, same Creator, same amazing creation.

Looking a little tired, getting near the bottom. I think Will (on the left) had volcano dust in his eyes in this picture. He looks like he's about to spill his cookies. (he saved that for later...hehe)

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