June 11, 2012

Timed Laps & Other Birthday Related Activities

Luke turned the big 7!

We're so proud of our big kid, as he has truly had a year of change and new expectations. Such as...moving half way around the world and then starting school (for the very first time) less than a week after arriving. The adjustment was tough, but he passed Gr.1 with flying colours. We thank God for Luke and for watching over him each new step in his life this last year!

I can't think of a better present for Luke than a bike (great idea Amy!). He used to spend his earlier summers in Prince George peddling up and down our street, as he could ride without training wheels before he turned 4. So, he is super excited to own a new 6 speed mountain bike!

We went down to the track where Luke & Si could give 'er for a while without worrying about motorcycles and cars. Luke likes me timing his laps around the track, and Amy and I like sitting there watching our kids get good and tired. I like to hear phrases like,
"My legs hurt, I'm sure getting tired!" 
"I think I won't complain on the way home, and when I get there I will quietly entertain myself with wholesome activities until it is time to ready myself for bed!"

Simon was sporting a little bmx that we kind of inherited since it was at our house when we moved in. Far better than nothing! After all, I was the second oldest child and for season I rode a girls bike (not the colour pink, but clearly not for boys) with a banana seat and a red flag. I rode it with confidence and style. I also rode it pretty hard into a stop sign and just about broke my shoulder, girls didn't usually do that.

All that to say, Simon has a better bike in the crate he can go faster on and subsequently up his probability of injury...he just has to wait for it :)
Si was also able eat dirt a couple times as you can see by the long face and the arm with war wounds. There was a couple instances where the speed wobbles initiated a collision with the small concrete track perimeter, thus causing an "incident" to reach the classification of an "accident". 
Helena and her new friend - a moth!  Although she had best of intentions, I don't think her gentle touch and affection was a positive experience for lil' Mothy. Being half dead when she found it didn't help either. At least it was loved.

Another fun pastime down by the park - finding termites in the bamboo fence! Loads of bugs & loads of fun. Kind of like flipping rocks to find ants. Side note: You don't have to flip rocks to find ants at our house, you just have to look at the walls, or drop a crumb and wait 10 seconds! It is part of our "getting back to nature / organic look". All the 'real' green people are doing it over here, hybrids and high efficiency toilets just don't cut it anymore. Did I mention I can fit 4 of us on a 110cc scooter? Oh yah, I have. 
Poke poke poke, anyone home?

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