May 20, 2012

Front Yard Friends

The other day was walking over to the bushes in our small front yard to trim a bamboo chute, and I stopped as I noticed a weird looking branch with no leaves on it hanging down from the tree about 18 inches in front of me. Then I noticed it had scales, and that there was a little head present as well.
So, grabbed my camera a took a few pics! I think this little feller lives in our front yard as I have seen him on previous days jumping out of the bamboo brush to ambush sun bathing insects. I educated myself via the internet, and this is apparently a Green Crested Lizard. And as you can see, it is mostly tail. I would say it is a lizard equivalent of a squirrel as they are quick, and seem to do very well in trees. Of course, squirrels don't eat bugs that I know of. A carnivorous squirrel actually sounds a bit disconcerting. Especially a flying carnivorous squirrel. That would be like a ferret with wings. That said, there are small gliding lizards here, and I have actually seen one in our yard, but it didn't seem threatening.
 The tenacious monitor lizard & giant reticulating python stories will have to wait till Kalimantan, as there are apparently an abundance of larger reptiles in that corner of the world. But, I'll wait till my Mom visits next year before telling too many creepy stories online...Better to focus on the 'positive', as like many folks, reptile biology is not my Mom's passion!

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