May 18, 2012

Smoozin' With VIP's

A previous post of ours was about "Kartini Day" here in Indonesia, and I posted a bunch of pic's of Luke and some of his class mates at the ceremony in traditional Javanese dress.

Well, Luke & Co. were invited back for another event where they could again look cute and represent the International School in the local community. All the schools in Salatiga had representation at this particular event as it was all about celebrating schools/education and the sort. That actual name of the day I cannot remember, I wasn't too "educated" about what I was actually attending.
The pic above is about as good as view as I got of all the different school marching bands waiting their turn to perform for the Mayor and other government rep's that were in attendance. Luke & Co. didn't dance here, they just looked cute and shook hands. Below is them waiting in line for their turn.

After the hand shaking, they made their way over to a stage where different schools did dances, performances, etc.
Some of the other school kids patiently waiting to do their performance.

Above is a big local mosque and to the right in the shade is some of the crowd watching the kids file past the VIP's. This field area is called "Panca Sila" (maybe be mis-spelled) and has a ring road around it that is kind of like a giant traffic circle.
Performing their dance, Luke kept peeking over at the others to see what he was supposed to be doing...Pretty cute!

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