August 15, 2013

Flying off of Rivers - Part Deux

So, after we picked up our patient, we flew her and a nurse to the city of Banjar Masing, located on the south coast of Borneo. But to get there, you gotta dodge the clouds!
Below is the landscape in this southern area; flat with meandering rivers. It is also much more settled, and actually reminds me somewhat of Central Java with all the rice fields in neat rows, cut into what once was all jungle.
Our elderly passenger is helped off the plane with the nurse.
A cool old boat that was at the dock we stopped at.
There is always something or someone interesting going by on these rivers. As soon as I got out of the plane and stood on the float, a couple fishermen floated by.

Getting his net ready to cast. Unfortunately my pic's of him casting were not that focused. It is amazing how hard it is not to get washed out pictures in the hours before & after mid-day. The sun is so high in the sky, either you under expose & can't see anyone's face, or you white out the scenery.
This guy here had good luck and was proud to show me what he caught near the shore. This fishes' head looks like it's on backwards.

Back at home at the floating base! This plane just recently turned 50 yrs old, and is the oldest plane flown by MAF around the world. Nonetheless, these Cessna 185's still do a great job here. In fact, a lot of what you see is probably not the original airplane, as so many parts & pieces get replaced over the years.

Next year this base is hoping to receive a Quest Kodiak on amphibious floats (Amphibious Floats: Floats on a plane that also have wheels so they can land on dry land as well as water...Just don't land on water with the can provide visual evidence of what happens when folks have tried to do so). I think the guys here are excited to see their base transition into flying a Kodiak , as it can carry a lot more, fly faster & fly further.

Okay, believe it or not, I have even more on Palangkaraya yet to come! More rivers & boats, and less airplanes.

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