July 27, 2013

Buduk Kubul Part 3

Here are a bunch more pic's of our time in Buduk Kubul...
Group photo!
Above Simon tries out the gongs. About 30 seconds later some guys decided it was time to take them down...go figure.
Simon starring down a water buffalo. Notice the wires going from one house to another, this village uses a communal generator in the evenings for power.

Below Luke plays some soccer with some local kids. After just 24 hrs, Luke new the names of 6 different kids, and was really sad to leave on the plane. It was so cool to see him jump right in and just soak up where he was, and make friends so quickly!
Croc's aren't exactly the best for soccer :)
Charlotte given' er!
You don't have to walk far out of town to start getting into the rice fields. Above is a water buffalo soaking up a little mud, and maybe hoping his immediate future does not involve providing delicious meat for the festival.
Above, is the pastor of the local church, and also MAF's rep in Buduk Kubul. He helps get passengers & bags weighed and checked, and also gives daily runway & weather reports to the pilots over the HF radio.

Helena & her new basket walking with Momma.
 Above, some young guys from the village helped carry our bags from the village to the airstrip.
Another nice view of the valley. I was really struck by the lack of garbage here. Often, garbage is an ever-present & unpleasant reality in developing countries. But out here, garbage has a long way to travel to get here. When we left, we were careful to take out whatever we brought in (just like good tree lovin' West Coast Canadians ought to...).
 Here comes our ride home!
 We flew in on a Cessna 206, and it was neat to be able to compare flying out in a Kodiak. Everyone had their own seat, and all our baggage and gifts fit on no problem! On the way in, it was more like sardines in a can and the pilot told everyone to lean forward to get off the ground (just joking). This is the kind of situation you really see the benefits of the Kodiak - being able to land in a spot like Buduk Kubul, yet do a lot more work in one trip!
 Charlotte running to Mom, and Helena is making sure her new basket makes it on the plane.
This is Charlotte's favourite way to fly, and we don't mind a bit!

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