May 16, 2013

From the Phone No.4

To all who think countries in certain parts of the world do not adhere to the same ultra-super safe safety standards of North America, please note in the picture below how car seats - or should I say "scooter seats" - are commonly used here in Indonesia to ensure the safe riding of even the youngest passengers. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to show of the little bamboo ones commonly seen that balance the little fellas on two poles between the parents legs. If this is in fact an illegal practice here, it is sure hard to tell.
My Dad arriving home on a Kodiak after a day of flying!
Fairly often pilot's get gifted young pythons for pets by folks interior. This one wasn't that small anymore, being 6 or 8ft long.
This picture below is right after Toni (pictured) got bit by this snake and still had a couple teeth embedded in his finger. Toni is one tough dude!
Below is what is left of a little bit larger python that got ran over by a vehicle. One of our Indonesian workers brought it to the hangar for one reason or another. Maybe a good source of snake burgers! That's one meal that'll take a bite out of hunger. (sorry for the awesome pun).

The other day, I got quite a scare as I almost stepped on a small spitting cobra while I was taking my garbage down our road. I thank God I never got bit! To all of you snake hating folks, yes, snakes have a creep factor, and some have a danger factor. But to be honest, there are maybe dangers back in Canada too that you just live with because you are used to them. One that comes to mind is really big, usually brown or black, likes to eat garbage and kills hikers and hunters every year. I know most Indonesians would probably take cobras over bears. Another is hurdling yourself down a winding highway at speeds over 100km during the winter...It would freak folks out here guaranteed (even ones with their kids on a plastic chair balanced on the front of their scooter).
A pretty cool sunset which I tried to capture with my phone. The cumulus clouds looked so cool being side lit by the sun.

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