March 1, 2013

To the Beach!

Yes! We have a beach here in Tarakan!  Of course, no white sand with blue water, or any sun baked touristy looking tourists sipping on Corona's and reveling in the fact that they've reached Nirvana (at least that is what TV has influenced me to what the culture of a white sand / blue water combo normally looks like). No, Tarakan Island's waters are pretty muddy due to it being situated at the mouth of a river. There wasn't really that much garbage at all on the beach (I think the tide helps that one out) and there was the ambiance of free running stray male dogs by the parking area fighting over the ladies.

That all said, I've heard coral's, multi-coloured fish, & and blue tropical waters lie a few hour boat ride away.

But our beach does have sand! And kids like sand for digging. It reminded me of burrowing holes into the side of sand bars along the Columbia river before it was flooded for the Dam north of Revelstoke. Dig till you hit water!!
Charlotte didn't do too much digging, but a lot of goofing about and a little throwing of mud.
Historical fact: I'm pretty sure this is the same beach head the Aussie's used to land on in their invasion of Tarakan Island in the 2nd World War. They eventually took the island back from the Japanese who had previously taken it from the Dutch.
To have a spot just to feel the open breeze and to have a little personal space is a breath of fresh air so-to-speak. And for that, we're thankful for this beach!
Luke digging a hole straight thru to, I mean Canada:)

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